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WARNING! Don’t buy & build a Frankenstein…

Don’t buy & build a Frankenstein type of pallet rack storage “system.” Many End Users today shop for, almost exclusively or strictly, “Used” pallet rack materials.

WCWC truly does understand the primary reason why. Certainly, to the majority of people, “…it has to cost less. It’s “used” and it’s just rack…steel. What’s the big difference?” However, it is that natural perception of “value” that must really be understood when purchasing Used vs. New materials.

Allow WCWC to throw a couple of curveballs at these common misperceptions…

Permits – Todays permitting process involves structural engineering. With Used materials, each individual or different component must be factored into the equation for structural seismic analysis. The more the number of components…the more the amount of engineering…the higher the amount of the engineering Fee.

And the end result? You still have a Frankenstein. And more than likely, it is not as cost effective (or aesthetically appealing) as you’d initially thought or believed.

WCWCs’ Point

WCWC has analyzed and/or compared Used vs. New systems for Client’s on numerous occasions. Too often, “all in, all costs factored…” the used material simply did not justify the cost difference.

In more cases than you’d imagine, the all New material cost was actually quite comparable. If not, in some cases, even a bit less. Such a comparison is always on a case-by-case basis. But today, depending on the components you require, it is always worth taking a look and doing a cost comparison. WCWC is here to assist you.

Pricing “Used” Components – Like all parts or pieces of just about any Industry, some components are more common or popular than others. The Used pallet rack business is no different. You can walk through a huge yard of used rack materials and proprietor can tell you exactly where he’d find his most valuable inventory. And if you want or need it, those components will be priced accordingly. Unfortunately, in today’s market, a majority of people all want the same basic components.

WCWC’s Point

Don’t let yourself get caught up in a “used equipment tool trap.” Compare, don’t over pay. Rack is in fact, just tools. They are just steel components…and provide a means to an end. Some people think they’re doing their Company “right” by buying the cheapest parts they can find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: However, you simply cannot forget about the engineering, design and the layout today. This is a pivotal consideration for both the cost you finally must pay and the critical Permit process.

Do you have a current project? Then contact West Coast Warehouse Consultants as soon as possible. WCWC has facilitated the design & acquisition of many material designs and purchases.

Quite often the WCWC result is different from the Customer’s original request. But WCWC involvement will provide you a cost sensitive & Permit-able solution.

Really, isn’t that what you were looking for in the first place?