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Our Warehouse Consultation Fees and Costs

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Fees, “PPCA” & Compensation Options:

Step 1 – Most commonly, our “no cost” application review (via telephone) occurs first. If the potential for WCWCs’ involvement appears beneficial or evident…

Step 2 – WCWC sends a Fee outline based on the services or Scope Of Work anticipated for your specific application / project.

Step 3 – A physical visit is scheduled. Note: Prior to our physical visit, the initial (predetermined) fee is charged.

This visit usually consists of pertinent interviews and a site walk / facility tour. WCWC’s access to the key personnel is highly encouraged. As a result of our site tour and conversations, the potential solutions, options and R. O. I. opportunities are initiated.

Step 4 -The visit will result in a “Scope of Work” and the extent of WCWC service(s) is covered with you as thoroughly as necessary. The anticipated work is detailed in our Project Partner Consulting Agreement (PPCA).

Step 5 – The basis for WCWCs’ fee is pre-determined. The fee may be largely offset based on the extent of the Equipment & Services required. Otherwise, the two (2) most common options are outlined below:

Option #1 Cost and/or Expense Reduction Solutions – Executed properly, due to the level of service(s) provided, the Project Partner Consulting Agreement (PPCA) method is recommended. This is the approach found the most attractive to the majority of Customers. WCWC utilizes our “wholesale” discounts and experienced Product & Services “sourcing” and turns it into your advantage.

Or, Option #2 Traditional Consulting – “Traditional” fee-based Material Handling (MH) industry consulting consists of:
– Operational Review & Analysis
– Introduction of Other Applicable Tools & Operational Concepts – The Solutions
– Creating Bid Specifications
– “Apple to Apple” Component Comparisons
– And basically, avoiding some of the classic mistakes or pitfalls of most MH projects.


“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” –Steven Covey


1. In the event you chose not to accept our PPCA Proposal, your only expense is the on-site interview fee & travel expense for our one and only visit.
2. The information you provide is for the exclusive, internal use of West Coast Warehouse Consultants, LLC. WCWC will sign any Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement required.
3. Your information will never be shared by WCWC with any other company or “third party” marketing entity.