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Today’s Explosion of SKU’s…How are you handling it?

Virtually every industry today is expanding their product lines and overall product offerings. Which of course results into ever increasing amounts of SKU counts and the ‘picks’ required per each order.

Those of you in the warehouse / distribution business are faced with the additional task of processing the orders that result from all of those SKU’s. Sometimes just finding the space for all of them is challenging enough.

Distributor’s offer order-to-suit services today, right down to “eaches.” Once considered a phenomenon, the typical Consumer today now just ‘points & clicks’ an increasing percentage of their purchases.

Combine it all? Each warehouse operator has had to “morph” into a highly detailed service based responder in one fashion or another.

The ‘service warehouses’ — the 3PL’s, Retail Distributor’s, Supply Chain provider’s, Warehousing / Transportation services, etc.—it is your ability to process timely and accurate orders that may very well define your market position and competitiveness. Not to mention, the long term health and success of your business itself.

Again, how are you handling the additional SKU’s? Most importantly, are you certain you’re as efficient and as accurate as you need to be?

Please pardon my challenge here. However, please just know that improper order picking / processing practices truly undermine your daily efforts. And ultimately, may significantly drag on your bottom line.

Do you case pick? In either small or large case quantities? Or, possibly, both?

Is your picking directed by WMS? Or, is it still by paper?

Are you manually split case picking?

Maybe, you’re a portion of “all the above”…?

If you sense (or if you’re just curious) if you’re Order Picking / Processing is not up to speed, some type of properly applied tool or technology is your likely answer. I’ve seen more accomplished in the Order Picking / Processing area (meaning, immediate and tangible benefits to you, the End User) than with any other one area of the modern day warehouse.

Today, an efficiently executed ability to process and ship orders can be pivotal to your success. Has order processing become a ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ proposition for you?

As always, WCWC is here to assist you with the best solution for your order picking requirements. Give us a call. Let’s talk about it.

Thank you for your continued interest.

WCWC Blog #3, 5/30/13