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Technical Building Review

The key Tenant/End User consideration here is your intended use of a specific warehouse space. WCWC provides thorough technical building review in order to determine if a building – an existing location or potential site – is the best possible fit for your operation.

Technical Building Review Considerations

Floor Capacity & Location: The majority of the western United States is in some type of U.S.G.S. seismic zone. Your existing location or a potential site each have their own site-specific seismic considerations. The “acceleration rate” of these sites can have a pivotal impact on you and how you’re able to set up and use the building.
Fire Suppression & Your Commodity: Again, is this building a proper ‘fit’ for your operation? If you don’t know (?), this can and has been for too many a very expensive lesson for you, the Tenant / End User.

Both of the considerations noted above are the epitome of the Buyer Beware cliche’.

WCWC has been contacted numerous times over the years to come in after-the-fact and to sort out such issues. Being proactive and having an informed, detailed understanding prior to final negotiation, certainly before committing, is your only preventative measure.

Involve West Coast Warehouse Consultants and avoid such pitfalls and the costly premiums associated with such mistakes. WC Warehouse Consultants, as your partner & ally, advocates in your behalf providing our Customers the critical knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.