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Supply Chain Logistics

Evolving quickly from trucking companies, the idea of the public warehouse was born. From there (and with a huge services demand prompted by the Internet), the supply chain logistics resulted.

Supply Chain Logistics Technologies

Basic computer technologies have since been developed to address these demands of supply chain logistics. Consider these now-standard industry phrases…

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
• “Live” Inventory
• Paperless Order Picking / Processing
• Optimized Storage Density
• Just the Order Picking & Processing alone can involve the following “tools”:
– ERP / WMS supporting “dynamic manifest” order processing.
– “Reserve” Storage & Conveyance Methods
– Pre-printed Packing Slip
– Voice, Touch or Hand held (SKU) Scanners
– Pick & Pack Stations
– Print & Apply Labeling
– Quick void fill
– Automated taping
– Inline Scale(s)
– Order Verification (Scanning or Auditing)
– Order Confirmation (Accuracy)
• Services: End User Direct / Direct To Consumer, Bulk Pulls & Staging, Re-Pack / Re-Labeling, etc..

If you’re already in this business, then you’re likely already familiar with each of these phrases. And some perspective for everyone else…these are professional warehouse operators. Warehousing, and most importantly Shipping, is their business.

However, if you happen to be a 3PL type of business and you’re currently not utilizing these tools, then you’re likely losing money every day by not operating as efficiently as you possibly can.

If you are not a 3PL type of business but would like to operate as efficiently as most of them do, then contact WCWC. Like all our Customer profiling & analysis exercises, we can help you determine what level of current technology best suits your present business model and future goals.

The basic business model of a 3PL is to receive, store and ship (pick or distribute) all types of order profiles or trucks loads in the most timely fashion possible. WCWC’s purpose is to streamline your processes and optimize cost efficiency at the same time.