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In the past year, 2013, WCWC worked with both existing & new Customer / End User’s to supply them user-specified Materials, all of the related Services…or both. WCWC employs our extensive experience and resources to provide what is necessary to complete your project in both a timely and cost effective manner.

Certain times you, the Customer and/or End User, already have a pretty good idea of what equipment or service you require or prefer. At present, WCWC has certain Customer’s that simply request that WCWC source specific products, product “concept” solutions or related service(s) for the development of a project or an application.

To highlight, the most typical examples or scenarios that occur are…

– You know what you want, a Product or a Service, but you have been unable to source it.
– You may want to simply be double checking for competitive pricing.
– You may want to double check the delivery or availability of a product or service. Is better or a faster delivery and a more timely project completion date important to you?
– Your Insurer is demanding changes, usually an upgrade of some sort, be made to your existing operation. WCWC can expedite the solutions necessary for such compliance matters.
– You know your “solution” but need someone to develop the material list for it. We call this the Bill of Material.
– Very similar to above…you have a “solution” in your head but need someone to conceptualize it into a working (Code compliant) reality for you.

Last, is one potentially significant financial opportunity…

Is a facility addition, a facility re-design, a possible down-sizing, a “right sizing” review or a possible relocation in your future?
WCWC is there to assist you with expertise that provides the key detail which allows you to make most informed decisions. Further, timeliness is quite commonly a significant factor. WCWCs’ role, as your advocate, is to maximize all possible savings in your behalf. One brief example: How much is saving one (1) full month’s rent worth? There is even more, potentially much more, to be saved in the majority of cases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Which is really a caveat or condition…current or updated Codes may preclude you from using your exact same materials again. Further, specific physical locations may heavily influence the material requirements. In such instances WCWC will guide you through the “process,” and recommend to you the most viable, R. O. I. driven, component / equipment solutions possible.