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Order Fulfillment

Every Industry or business has one thing in common today: they are all dealing with an increased amount of different products/SKUs. These increases are then typically combined with faster order availability requirements. In turn, this makes the processing demands (with an expected very high degree of accuracy) present a significant challenge for the storage & distribution industry.

Some industries, such grocery or food products distribution, product offerings (adding more and more SKUs) is a continuing, perpetual explosion.
This is where Material Handling based technology companies have responded well. Basic examples of the “tools” for the demands of the current day warehouse follow.

They are:

– A Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrated within an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) “processes” software.
Live inventory capability from the WMS.
– Random slotting, both Reserve & Picking, with location identification reporting.
Order Processing, but basically includes: Scanning, Case Replenishment & Picking Methods, “Pick to Light,” “Put to Light,” split case / piece picking, batch or wave picking, order merging / consolidation and so on and so forth…

West Coast Warehouse Consultants (WCWC) recognizes that the relatively easy part of distribution today is getting the inventory or loads into the building. The challenge to most of today’s distribution is measured by how efficiently you can get your orders out of the building.

Moreover, there is a no one single method or one-size-fits-all approach to this answer. This is where WCWC works and partners with our Customers in order to determine the most effective solution possible.

Frankly, occasionally, we may not have all of the answers. But the WCWC commitment is to work with you in the development of solutions that best fit your volume and business profile.