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Metal Distribution

Metal Distribution Storage Facility

This is a steel/metal/alloy distribution storage facility.

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There are many different products/SKUs stored in a common area based on following:
– Material type, such as alloy, stainless, etc.
– Sizes, such as thickness, length, gauge, etc.
– Shapes, such as plate, tube, bar, etc.


• WCWC designed the cantilever storage rack around a specifically designed/built-to-suit side-loading type of lift truck.


Benefits to Customer

With the ability to carry the load sideways or lengthwise into the building and storage aisles significant benefits are achieved. They are:

  • Product selectivity and access: Versus, for example a crane or bulk stacked type of storage, the accessibility minimizes handling and the labor related to shipping and/or receiving every single load.
  • Space savings: A minimum operating aisle width saves a tremendous amount of space. Approximately, or for comparison, six feet (6’) wide versus twenty-two feet (22’).
    Note: In one single aisle 200’ in length, the difference in the width noted represents a savings of 3,200 square feet…per each aisle.
  • Staging for inbound and outbound loads: by shrinking the total foot print for the rack, maximum allowable floor space is “created” inside.
  • Security of inventory: same as the Staging example, these types of materials are quite valuable. Versus being stored in a yard or outdoors, optimized indoor storage minimizes the chances for shrinkage and damage of both material and equipment.

A Special Note:

If your application is remotely similar to the one noted above, please consider this valuable tip…

In one single aisle, 200’ in length, the difference in the widths noted represents a savings of 3,200 square feet…per each and every aisle.

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