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Logistics Operation

Logistics Operation Warehouse Design

This is a freight forwarding / logistics operation located near a large West Coast port. Click on the pictures to download PDFs of the WC Warehouse Consultants project.
Click on the pictures to download a PDF of the WC Warehouse Consultants project.


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Additional business opportunities, combined with an expansion of a client base, were available provided the capacity of the existing space could be increased by approximately 40%.

Note: An additional building (or site) was not a cost justifiable or operational solution.

• The significant increase was to serve two purposes: storage for increased inbound loads and pick faces to handle additional SKUs.
• Customer service requests included fulfillment of customer-direct web orders.
• Multiple storage methods were analyzed, including Narrow Aisle (NA), Double-Deep (DD), different types of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) equipment & additional bulk storage locations / space designation, etc.


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• “Bulk” storage floor space or locations were replaced with multi-tiered pallet storage racks.
• A Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) design was chosen for the following reasons: 1) VNA provided maximized capacity in combination with FIFO storage. 2) The VNA design also optimized the amount of “pick faces” which addressed the increased SKU counts, and 3) VNA was determined to be the most flexible to work with ever-changing customer loads and load characteristics.
• The specific VNA equipment chosen to operate this facility was selected for the following three reasons: 1) The ability to efficiently operate in a very narrow aisle without a “guidance” system, 2) The VNA chassis / model selected is also versatile (provides labor efficiency in overall pallet load handling – for both inbound and outbound full pallet handling), and 3) Low anticipated operational or maintenance costs.

Benefits to Customer

With WC Warehouse Consultants’ help, the Customer now enjoys the benefits of:
– A maximized storage distribution facility, with minimized cost-per-pallet-stored economic efficiency.
– Optimized storage capacity combined with 100% access to all product locations.
– A very flexible “user-friendly” operating environment.