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Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment Center Design

Order Fulfillment was the original and primary purpose for this facility. Not completely unlike logistics warehouse service providers, the unique requirement for this project was getting it designed, engineered, installed and fully operational within thirty days in order to meet the client’s shipping requirements.

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• High SKU counts (different types of products) are being shipped in small quantities which is one of the single most important daily demands.
• In order to prepare for daily orders, all pick slots must be fully “charged” (filled with product); the design of this fulfillment center was intended to maximize case “facings.” For both, full case picking and case picking to charge the split case pick area. Maximized access to the various SKU types was a primary emphasis.


• The key was a design which emphasized efficient operational flow. Getting inventory or product into a building is the relatively easy part. The key steps of this process are: De-containerizing, sorting the products, stacking & assigning a location.
• Integrating a Warehouse Management System (WMS) software package was pivotal to insure such performance & throughput rates. WMS, properly applied and utilized, always directs where to put inventory while also knowing exactly where to find it.

Benefits to Customer

With WC Warehouse Consultants’ help, the Customer now enjoys multiple efficiency benefits.

– The high-volume SKUs are commonly moved directly from receiving to the picking area (once recognized then assigned or directed there) by the Warehouse Management System.
– The Warehouse Management System provides an awareness of all SKUs at all times and minimizes the handling movements. This streamlines the overall efficiency of the warehouse.

West Coast Warehouse Consultants (WCWC) cannot guarantee a complete, fully operational distribution facility in thirty days every time. However, with the full cooperation and proactive efforts with this Customer, we were able to implement solutions that minimized their “start up” time. From a vacant building to a fully operational facility in a relatively minimal amount of time.