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Conceptual Building Design & Analysis

Warehouse Design Considerations

As a Tenant or End User, what are your options when it comes to warehouse space for your operation?

What storage method best addresses both your capacity requirement and your product rotation or flow?

Are you doing order processing or do you have an order fulfillment challenge?
If so, then there are many more factors that need to be considered.

A properly designed warehouse / distribution center will take every one of ‘your’ key factors into consideration.

What is the primary objective of our involvement?

The true objective here is that you, the End User, is provided enough objective information that allows you to make the most informed decision possible.
• The layout and capacity is quantified.
• The product flow is understood.
• The access to your SKUs, pick “faces’ for example, is defined.
• Implementation / installation time is outlined. And…
• The cost(s) for the “system” chosen are completely clarified.

Such projects can be a very large commitment of resources. Given WCWCs’ experience and our involvement in your project, a well-planned, cost effective and time-sensitive solution will provide you just the efficiency results you require.

Our 30+ Years of Experience in the Warehouse Industry

WCWC has designed numerous facilities over the years. Various or different options may be provided for discussion. Then the merits or challenges each ‘concept’ can be thoroughly reviewed and understood.