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  • WCWC - Your Warehouse Partner

    WC Warehouse Consultants partners with our clients to make sure their warehouse is working efficiently. WCWC works with you to optimize each key aspect of your warehouse operation.

    “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” - Stephen R. Covey
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  • Operational Cost Efficiencies

    WCWC exists solely to help our Clients minimize operational overhead. We analyze the specific issues of your operation and create a proactive approach to fix them. Take advantage of our 30+ years in the distribution and material handling industry.

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  • Reducing Warehouse Expense

    WCWC’s approach is to focus on your overhead costs and streamline your warehouse expenses. Reduction of overhead is always worth reviewing and pursuing. Your level of efficiency should never be a "gray area."

    See how we have saved companies from costly pitfalls related to their warehouse operations.

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  • Optimizing Your Results

    Whether your business would benefit from a simple process or a full-blown program, WCWC draws from our extensive experience to help our Clients realize optimal margins. After all, isn’t operating profitably or “in the black” your primary objective?

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There are three fundamental reasons to contact and involve West Coast Warehouse Consultants (WCWC) in your next warehouse project…

Knowing Your Building Size & Space Requirement – Informed, “smart” Building Design (layout) or Selection…and Negotiation. Quantifying your true space requirement. And, really knowing your entire requirement cost & exposure before you commit.

Streamlining Your Labor Overhead – Refining Your Operational Functions. Applying “lean” practices and technologies that minimize your cost of operation.

Code-Compliant Operation –Proactively addressing the expanded governmental oversight and the strict Code adherence environment that exists today. As well, Insurers are more commonly involved in the compliance of the current Codes in order to mitigate, if not eliminate, the exposure of their “insured.”

Each item highlighted has a direct fundamental overhead consideration which is driving up the expense of doing business further every day. WCWC can help you address each key matter.

If you’re not 100% confident with your awareness and complete comprehension of the three reasons noted above, cost saving opportunities are likely possible for you and your operation.

Please visit the rest of our site, especially the new PERSONAL SHOPPER page. Let WCWC show you how we can help you save on your warehouse-related expenses. If you have any type of warehouse project, either currently active or planned for some time later this year, please contact WCWC right away. Usually one conversation will uncover potential cost saving solutions.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to visit this site.

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” -- Steven Covey